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Anonymous asked: @that one about the house elves and allergies; why is it tagged 'disabled headcanons' ? having an allergy isnt a disability.



It can be, depending on the allergy and the severity.

Many people who have gluten allergies have them because of celiac disease, which is a disability. And people with ibs or crohns disease also have allergies that trigger flare-ups. 

Also people who’s allergies are so severe and/or so often triggered that they are unable to do things that non-allergenic people can do (leave the house, work in a public place ect.) and may develop anxiety because of fear of being triggered by the allergen, are definitely disabled.

Of course disabled is a term that you can choose not to apply to yourself, which is 100% fine. Many people who might meet the ‘criteria’ of being disabled, choose not to identify as such, which is their choice, of course.

Like most things, disability is a spectrum, not black and white.

I have seasonal allergies that on their own, wouldn’t be a disability, but because of my sensory processing disorder, cause me huge distress and an increase in melt downs. And if i give in and scratch my skin (which i always do :/) they often make my eczema flare-up, which causes me to loose sleep, and be unable to work if that work requires bending me knees or elbows. 

Some people with allergies aren’t disabled, if they have only mild allergies or their allergens are easily avoided so they don’t affect their lives.

And some people who have allergies are disabled, either because of just their allergies being so severe, or co-morbid conditions that make them disabling. 

This is a really really good explanation.


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